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15 Aug 2016

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Want to add blood to your scenes without making a mess? Too many authors get squeamish or sloppy about including the red stuff in their stories. As a research guide, Blood Spatter presents an accurate and accessible gateway into the world of blood spatter and its analysis.Written as a resource for the professional author, this "Forensics for Fiction" title provides user-friendly approaches to realistic details by covering: Terms and techniques of spatter analysisPatterns associated with different weaponsPhysical properties and characteristics of bloodProven crime reconstruction proceduresCase studies in which spatter solved the crimeExamples of ways any popular genre can include bloodWhether you're writing about a drip or a bloodbath, this illustrated guidebook offers a one-stop, easy-to-understand reference for writing a bloody good story.Forensics for Fiction: making your crime pay

The first modern study of blood stains occurred in 1895. Blood spatter analysis, more professionally termed bloodstain pattern analysis (BPA), is not a new technique in the investigation of brutal crimes.