Jaroslav Ira
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15 Jul 2018

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Following the so-called -Material Turn- of historiography, this book explores the materialization of identity in urban space--specifically in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Urban spaces played an important role in the formation of national identities in post-socialist successor states across the region, while at the same time the articulation of national identities markedly affected the appearance of these post-socialist cities. Beginning with an overview of socialist and post-socialist cities in recent urban history, contributors trace the post-socialist intertwining of space and identities in case studies that include Astana and Almaty in Kazakhstan, Chi?inau and Tiraspol in Moldova, and Skopje in Macedonia, while also linking this phenomenon to socialist urbanism, as in postwar Minsk, Belarus.

You pick up a fascinating thread-what layers of identity do we carry with us and in terms of cities what does it take to be able to have a local identity. I wonder if citizenship is a necessary prerequisite to feel as if one belongs.